Saturday, February 15, 2014


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I asked Mario to shoot these photos minutes before we headed out to an event the other week, only to review them and feel overdressed (it probably need not have been a 'heels' event and I wasn't convinced the dress looked right on me). Looking back at the photos, the dress looks fine, I loved it for a year before finding it on sale and buying it. I had tried it on back in June, but couldn't justify the $250+ price tag, particularly for a dress like this in winter! The satisfaction of finding an item you have coveted for months on sale is far greater than buying an impulse purchase anyway.
If you have been following my Building A Capsule Wardrobe series, you will happy to know my next one is all about the staple dresses I think every woman should have in her closet. This one breaks my no prints rule, but being blue and white and suited to my shape, it is considered a happy extra. :) 
xx Jenelle
Shots by Mario Recchia
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  1. Love the vintage
    I've just discovered ur blog and i find it very inspiring

    From Casablanca with love


    1. Hi Sofia, thank you for your support. It is kind of vintage inspired, well observed. :) xx Jenelle

  2. beautiful girl!
    love the dress