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Personal style and fashion blogger Jenelle Witty based in Perth, Australia.

 Through 'Shut My Eyes' I collaborate with designers, brands and stores to share and support the industry in a relatable way. I see the blog as a link between the fashion and beauty industries and the modern urban woman. 
Using high quality images and articles, the blog takes inspiration and meets it with wit.  

I hate the panic of having nothing to wear, so expect to find tips for building a wardrobe of wearable staple items that can get you through any occasion, while adding key pieces to keep things personal and up to date. I studied costume design because I love to tell stories with clothing. I aim to empower modern women to feel they can express their own stories through clothing without needing to say a word.

My personal style is undone Parisian with a hint of rock and roll for the Australian streets.
As much as I'd love to be balls-out glam rock all the time, that isn't practical, so
I have refined my wardrobe to quality key staples filtered with rough rock and roll touches.

Photos are taken with a Canon 500D Mark ii



Anything is possible. 
xx Jenelle. 

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