Wednesday, April 16, 2014


 photo Grey-Marle-Lady-1_zps42bf683d.jpg
 photo Grey-Marle-Lady-_zps43214a9f.jpg
 photo Grey-Lady-Jenelle-2_zps0e8b66a6.jpg
 photo Grey-Swammped_zpsfa3966ce.jpg
 photo Grey-Lady_zps762d77e2.jpg
Staple the Label Top (similar by Finders Keepers here), Asos Pleated Skirt, Chloe Boots,

Laura messaged me the morning of the Style and the City launch asking what I planned to wear. Colour was the obvious choice- Sex and the City is full of colour, print and eclectic touches. So I obviously wanted to wear black, or grey. Anything but colour. Go against the grain wherever possible!
This look didn't feel too dressed up for a Friday morning either (although if I'd worn a pair of pumps…) but I tell you what, wearing t-shirt fabric head-to-toe is super comfy! Win. I love this boxy top, I got it ages ago and wear it a lot, I spotted a pretty similar one on sale at Fashn Bunkr, if I didn't have this one already I would be adding it to cart directly. I do head to toe black or white all the time, grey is somehow a little different, but I like it, I like the 'nothingness' it exudes. This morning I heard people talking about 'normcore' in reference to the opening of Uniqlo today in Melbourne. Damn well I love that, I am SOOOO NOT into faux tan, faux hair extensions, faux nails, boobs exposed, tightly clung super short anything dressing. Term dressing in an undone way with a little more flair than 'I just rolled out of bed in this' and I am okay with that. Just call me 'grey-marle-normcore-lady'.

I probably should start wearing different boots. Actually, I have to start wearing different boots before I kill these entirely. When I go back to Adelaide I am bringing back more ankle boots from my boxes of stuff! Same goes with a different bag. Meh. 
Photos by Laura Liy
xx Jenelle

Monday, April 14, 2014

BLVD Markets with Hatch

 photo BlvdJenelle2_zps2e6ce749.jpg
 photo BlvdJenelle3_zpsff6bf9cc.jpg
 photo BlvdJenelle1_zps849b31e2.jpg
 photo ef0c070b-35d6-454f-aa16-4dfe6ad0dea5_zpsc34b68c8.jpg
 photo Sipsmith_zps2e7a552d.jpg
 photo Sipsmithblvdmarkets_zps2f7a9c07.jpg
 photo Katherine-Dunmill-Bags_zps83ff9dca.jpg
 photo Katherine-Dunmill-Call-To-Arms1_zps94803b26.jpg
 photo BlvdMarket-Alister-Yiap_zps6241a48c.jpg
 photo Gyptian-Bags_zps6fd18e46.jpg
 photo Blvdhotel_zpse4187ff3.jpg
 photo 48058878-be3f-4c95-aacc-c22e3f90a543_zps3c04f335.jpg
 photo Blvdhoteltable_zps97f5712f.jpg
Sussan's Denim Shirt (gifted- similar here), ASOS Denim Skirt, Ellery Sandals (similar here), 4th and Bleecker for Billabong clutch

On Saturday afternoon I got myself down to The Boulevard Hotel to hit up the BLVD Markets and at the kind invitation of DGPR attend a blogger lunch. I can not really think of a greater afternoon than to spend it with a kind and supportive group of vibrant women all snapping photos, chatting and swapping stories. The food was spot on (and I am a fussy eater) with an excellent tasting plate, and if you follow me on instagram- you will have seen my Salmon steak lunch. The Boulevard is a newly renovated hotel, the food is European-inspired with an extensive and impressive wine list, outdoor area (which let's face it, will be used a lot considering our Perth climate of sunshine and warmth) and spacious interior bar. Their signature cocktail of infused earl grey vodka and citrus was perfect to sip in the sun. Finally we were treated to cakes by Laura Isabella (I probably should have taken mine home to eat later!) with wine, cider, beer and gin producers sampling their wares. 

The BLVD Markets in collaboration with Hatch (remember our Hatch feature back here) are almost rounding up for the season, but you have one more chance (May 10th 11am- 4pm) to stop by before they do. Featuring the best of what Hatch and local WA designers have to offer, the markets are a great place to chat with local designers and shop their unique wares. With Autumn/Winter 2014 garments and accessories from local favourites like Chalice, Conchita, Zed Alliance, Jonte A, Bare Fingers, Rosie and Broken, Generics, Empire Rose, ALBD by Ange Lang and more. Pictured is THAT Katherine Dunmill black leather bag I know now for sure I need in my life from her latest collection, as well as a tree of Alister Yiap necklaces, embossed geometric Gyptian bags (I mean, wow!) and more. 

Thank you to Nicole and David for inviting me along, the markets are seriously well executed in a beautiful location. This spot was a little gem that I can anticipate becoming a local hotspot. I was very grateful for the opportunity to spend time swapping stories with fellow bloggers, something which I always find to be rewarding- I am not kidding when I say that this blog has afforded me the chance to meet some truly beautiful people. 

Finally, I better tell you about this ASOS denim skirt bargain! I actually love it, despite the fact that it screams the 90's in a way that I normally would wish to avoid. Even better, it is on sale for $36.95 and if you use the code YES20 at the checkout you will get a further 20% off. (Oh and go up one size cause it is small and not super stretchy. I am looking out for you!) It is a great easy to wear piece that despite the hesitations from my male friends who saw it as I opened my last ASOS order, looks great on. I love that it can be dressed up or down, worn with ankle boots, sneakers, sandals or heels. You decide. Double denim is also optional, but on a surprise 32 degree day in the middle of Autumn, it kept me comfortable. 
xx Jenelle
Photos by Laura Liy and myself

Thursday, April 10, 2014

House of Skye

 photo House-of-Skye-Jenelle_zps4220cd70.jpg
 photo House-of-Skye-Bruug_zpsbf19d3c2.jpg
 photo House-of-Skye-Hem_zps5b34de22.jpg
 photo House-of-Skye-_zps26237cf1.jpg

In just a short amount of time, House of Skye has established itself among some of WA's strongest boutiques as both a wearable and exciting label. Employing a belief that good quality should not cost the earth, House of Skye designer Natasha distributes monthly collections drawing on icons of the late 1960's to 1970's (think Stevie Nicks). Producing her own prints and hand dyed fabrics, Natasha is dedicated to creating unique, easy to wear garments that can transcend seasonal changes. Available in boutiques Varga Girl in Leederville, This Fine Day Boutique in Maylands, Eros Fremantle, Method Clothing in Mt Lawley just to name a few. 

I was kindly invited by Natasha to visit her studio and choose a couple of pieces to wear to the recent Urban Couture festival events. I couldn't help but be drawn to this simple, asymmetrical and eye catching blue dress, knowing I could wear it for the day events with heels or boots depending on my mood. As it turned out the day was on the colder side, and directly after the runway show (which I will be sharing on the blog shortly) it poured with rain for hours, washing out the evening show which sadly had to be cancelled. 
As I was to be shooting for the afternoon I threw this leather Bruug gilet over the dress to keep my arms free. (I have just noticed that it is now half price up on the Bruug site here.) 
A special thank you to Natasha for lending me this dress to wear and share with you. I have one more to share… despite that the weekends events were a wash out. It'll be up soon. 
xx Jenelle
Photos by Laura Liy

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

New Season Blue and Grey

 photo Sportscraft-Jenelle-W_zps8271d0e3.jpg
 photo Asos-Sportscraft-Jenelle-2_zps28f5b067.jpg
 photo Sportscraft-Jenelle-Portrait_zpsaf2b829f.jpg
 photo Katherine-Dunmill-ManiaMania_zps71d9c207.jpg

A pale blue shirt may have been on my Capsule Wardrobe list (back here) but had not yet made itself into my actual wardrobe until last week. Hunting one down that was not chambray was surprisingly difficult considering it is such a simple, useful basic. I found two- one of which was NOT cut properly at all (which I was really surprised by as it was Witchery and I know they know better!) the second was this one from Sportscraft which hit the nail on the head. I have since worn it a lot, for work, with jeans, black leather shorts… It is a typical capsule wardrobe item perfect to mix and match with your other pieces. I am not 100% sure it worked out right with this skirt, as the fabric should ideally be softer and the buttons open lower to get the look just right. However, I was all too thrilled to throw on this skirt and share it with you. I love light grey skirts, the flares on this are that feminine touch that I can either embrace, or cover with a long knit or leather motorcycle jacket to toughen up. I will definitely post this skirt worn with other options. It also comes in blue (see here) which I think worn with a cream chunky knit jumper would be amazing. I don't need another one, that would be greedy, so someone else better get the blue version so I can appreciate it. Deal?! :)

I can not stress enough how glad I am that I added white leather shoes and a clutch to my staples, I have worn them repeatedly. They make for a nice change to black and often pair better with lighter hues without taking away too much attention. As long as you find good quality pieces, white leather will do you many favours. Upon looking up the link to this Katherine Dunmill clutch to add above, I noticed her new 'Call To Arms' military inspired collection is online. The Fabian Strategy Bucket Bag is incredible… looks like a new item has been added to my wish list. 
xx Jenelle

Monday, April 7, 2014

New Season Midi

 photo New-Season-Jenelle2a_zps66168c88.jpg
 photo NewSeasonJenelle1_zpsc0918b3e.jpg
 photo New-Season-7_zps11c64704.jpg
 photo New-Season-Jenelle-6_zps14d0a51a.jpg
 photo New-Season-Jenelle-5a_zps028d6580.jpg
 photo NewSeason-Jenelle3_zps2da18733.jpg
 photo New-Season-Jenelle4_zpsb3db66cb.jpg
ASOS High Neck Sleeveless Top, Karl Lagerfeld Midi Skirt (Vintage via Claire Inc) similar here, Ellery Duchamp Long Tux Jacket, Michael Kors Watch, Vintage Windsor Smith Oxfords similar here  

I fell for this skirt last year just before summer when I bought it from a friend who had scored an amazing collection of pieces from Claire Inc (the best online store for vintage in Australia- and Adelaide homegrown). I have been waiting for the weather change to wear it. There are a number of beautiful midi length skirts popping up for Autumn/ Winter, I will add some below. It is conservative, yes, but elegant too.
This midi length is probably best paired with a pair of heels, but when it comes down to comfort and simplicity, I rather like these oxfords. At my height, I may rethink this choice when surrounded by tall friends, but just for myself, I really do not mind.

High neck collars are not an item I have worn for a few years, despite my thinking about it last year, having appreciated the styling of Christine Centenera at the relaunch of the new Harris Scarfe store in Adelaide (that post back here). Back in the early 2000's I recall having a burnt orange roll neck top, which is clearly not my colour, so I had since avoided reminding myself of this situation. However, as a refresh, and because I seem to be drawn to them, I added this sleeveless (perfect for layering) top to my cart during the ASOS sale. The funny thing is I can now pair it with a good 50% of my wardrobe, and wear from work to everyday.
My point? Go get yourself a high collar jumper, top or coat. Then thank me later. 

Midi Length Skirts
Luxe: Bassike Tubular Pocket Skirt Veronika Maine Pencil Skirt,
Less:  ASOS Full Midi Skirt, ASOS Pleated Midi Skirt, River Island Zip Midi Skirt

Shooting in the mid afternoon sun, these photos got a little dramatic and over exposed, but as there is some truth in the desire to absorb the sun throughout winter, I decided to roll with it.
xx Jenelle

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Patricia Field Style and the City

 photo Patricia-Field_zps0b795310.jpg
 photo Carrie_zps303bf0eb.jpg
 photo Carrie-SATC-Movie_zps6da4ac61.jpg
 photo Miranda-Hobbs_zpse3b1f0b9.jpg
 photo Charlotte-York_zps64dffd52.jpg
 photo Samantha_zps90039a6b.jpg
 photo Carrie-Paris_zps52a4b18a.jpg
 photo Carrie-Paris-Versace_zps8c9cc83c.jpg
 photo Carrie-Necklace-Tutu_zpsf8778a80.jpg
Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte all had a not-so-secret friend who turned them from women speaking directly into the camera about their dating fiascoes (a rookie season one mistake) into style icons adored the world over. It has been years since the series ended and the last of the films graced the silver screen (breaking box office records) but women all over the world can still not get enough. With this in mind "Style and the City", an exhibition of beautiful gowns and outfits worn by these fictional but very real style icons has been cleverly curated by legendary costume designer Patricia Field and brought to Perth. Launching on Friday morning, the free exhibition will run until May 1st at enex100 and inside Myer at Forrest Chase.

At the launch Patricia shared stories from the set- how she met the actors and how they became family, posed for photos, met and chatted with some 100 women and men all obvious fans of her amazing work. 

Not only is Patricia Field the Emmy Award winning costume designer behind Sex and The City, but Oscar nominated designer behind films like The Devil Wears Prada, Confessions of a Shopaholic, and television series' Ugly Betty, Spin City, Cashmere Mafia, Hope and Faith, Six Degrees and Kath and Kim. Her boutique, which she opened in Greenwich Village in 1966 has been attracting fashion forward locals, internationals and celebrities for fifty years. Named in Time Magazines '100 Most Influential Fashion Icons of All Time', Field is a down to earth and fascinating woman. Her stories brought to life the experiences on set while demonstrating her design process, character analysis and relationship with cast members. 

Costumes from both the HBO television series and both of the Sex and the City films are on display, from the infamous Vivienne Westwood wedding gown (complete with bird!), Zac Posen wedding party gowns (the black worn by Charlotte was Field's pick for Sarah-Jessica Parker to wear in white but Parker chose the Westwood), the Versace ruffled gown Carrie was stood up in by Alexander Petrovsky during that last episode in Paris and a whole lot more. By a whole lot more, I am talking the Carrie necklace, the blue Manolo Blahnick's, that white dress with the gigantic orchid corsage, the Eiffel Tower bag etc etc etc… Patricia Field scoured dresses from across the globe to bring to Perth, just for us. Zac Posen dug into his New Jersey archives for the wedding party dresses, designers and collectors around the world were called, and the results are a stunning collection of 24 colourful, iconic gowns and costume pieces that you just have to see. 

 photo Patricia-Field-Jenelle-Witty_zpscb3f95cc.jpg

xx Jenelle 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

New Season Check

 photo Asos-Check-Jenelle-1_zps20e29b41.jpg
 photo Asos-Check-Jenelle-5_zps03039bc3.jpg
 photo Asos-Check-Jenelle-3_zpsb92ec29b.jpg
 photo Asos-Check-Jenelle-6_zpsbf9c6d46.jpg
 photo Asos-Check-Jenelle-7_zps68c72b35.jpg
 photo Asos-Check-Jenelle-2_zpsb63f4d6b.jpg
ASOS T-shirt in Tartan Print, Josh Goot Skirt, Sandals 

You can no doubt clearly see that a little bit of honest sun worshiping went along with the intended shoot here. It may be cooler, but that sun can still pack a punch! 
As the new season approaches and local retailers begin to include cardigans, parkas and faux leather fronted leggings beside their simple tees and mum-style denims on the racks I thought it best to do a little wardrobe updater. I have added a few low cost pieces to update my regular go-to's including an on-trend, but actually pretty cool print. This check print top by ASOS (which also comes in a dress- see it here) ticks the boxes I place 'check patterns' under (there are always rules- I can not help it!). Blue, red and white is okay. Black, red and white- no matter what the material or cost seems 'cheap and nasty' looking. The blue and red compliment each other, but the black and red compete with the eye, creating to sharp a contrast no matter the intensity of the hue. Maybe for me there is also some lingering childhood love of the colour purple (which when red and blue are paired together…)

This print top is not something I would label in the 'Capsule Wardrobe' category, nor would I add the red shoes, but when worked back with a simple grey marle skirt, or pair of jeans and white Converse, it is fun and easy to add an on trend or occasional printed piece. I have seen a lot of check printed tops around, everyone seems to have caught the Celine check print bug, so go forth and embrace.
xx Jenelle
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