Monday, May 26, 2014

Adelaide Photo Diary

 photo AdlD4altt_zps823d6733.jpg
 photo AdlD1alt_zpsd6ef15cf.jpg
 photo ToadstoolsSMalt_zpse0d6488d.jpg
 photo AdlD12alt_zps656181b0.jpg
 photo Adld11alt_zps70e90355.jpg
 photo AdlD9alt_zpsa51e5beb.jpg
 photo LeavesFalling_zps01c39f41.gif
 photo AdlD8alt_zpscd272a31.jpg
 photo AdlD6alt_zps896c6221.jpg
 photo AdlD15alt_zpsc2574ecd.jpg
 photo AdlD19alt_zps193b3f79.jpg
 photo AdlD16alt_zps561c02bf.jpg
 photo AdlD5alt_zps500b3c03.jpg
 photo AdlD23alt_zps6cde7ce3.jpg
 photo AdlD28alt_zps1c5dd772.jpg
 photo AdlD31alt_zpsb67a4c81.jpg
 photo AdlD29alt_zps1aa8025f.jpg
 photo AdlD25alt_zpse174dafb.jpg
 photo AdlD27alt_zps39a32894.jpg
 photo Adld37_zps418bb985.jpg
 photo AdlD24alt_zps1a305271.jpg
 photo AdlD20alt_zpsa5849ed3.jpg
 photo AdlD21alt_zps86a02a50.jpg
 photo AdlD30alt_zpsf88eb7a0.jpg
 photo AdlD26alt_zpsbe526087.jpg
 photo AdlD22alt_zps142b1792.jpg
 photo AdlD35_zps7cce0dea.jpg
 photo AdlD17alt_zps31ae4cbb.jpg photo AdlD38alt_zps2163b566.jpg 
  photo AdlD13alt_zpsa29e1ef7.jpg
 photo AdlD3alt_zps2421830d.jpg
 photo AdlD34_zps5f226cad.jpg
 photo AdlBeach3alt_zps5e81ed14.jpg
 photo AdlBeach2alt_zps8ee48d10.jpg
  photo AdlBeach1alt_zps6fe5c041.jpg

Yeah, I took too many photos. :) 
We were only away for a little under a week, but I get snap happy wherever I go. I have come across a lot of people who have never given Adelaide much thought, and find themselves surprised to learn that although it is small, can actually be both really pretty and cool. I definitely experienced appreciating this little town once I moved away from it. There is plenty to see and do, particularly if you like gardens, wine, antique shopping, beaches, and German food. So with little more to say, I hope you enjoy this photo heavy post.

For the record, photos were taken in the Mount Lofty Botanical Gardens (arguably best in Autumn), Hahndorf, Mclaren Vale, Strathalbyn, Adelaide and the Botanical Gardens, also pictured is Mario and my brother James. 
Honestly I wish I had somewhere less familiar and more exciting to share pictures of, but it has been a long time since I really traveled. :( Soon. I hope.
xx Jenelle
Photos by myself and Mario Recchia (thanks Mario for making this gif for me!)

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