Saturday, February 15, 2014

Mango Spring 2014

 photo mango-spring-2014-daria-werbowy-1_zpsa3c59df7.jpg
 photo mango-spring-2014-daria-werbowy-2_zps5098832d.jpg
 photo mango-spring-2014-daria-werbowy-6_zps0f1025a6.jpg
 photo mango-spring-2014-daria-werbowy-5_zps430c687c.jpg
 photo mango-spring-2014-daria-werbowy-14_zps9ba7c04b.jpg
 photo mango-spring-2014-daria-werbowy-15_zpsbb0fea95.jpg
 photo mango-spring-2014-daria-werbowy-13_zpsdcf15386.jpg
 photo mango-spring-2014-daria-werbowy-16_zps138136d5.jpg
 photo mango-spring-2014-daria-werbowy-8_zps1adcd934.jpg
 photo mango-spring-2014-daria-werbowy-9_zpsd6eb0c92.jpg
 photo mango-spring-2014-daria-werbowy-10_zpsf29faebd.jpg
 photo mango-spring-2014-daria-werbowy-7_zps4385685c.jpg
 photo mango-spring-2014-daria-werbowy-17_zps3853e30b.jpg

I can not tell you enough how beautiful neutrals can be. I love them. For years I wore so much colour, and just got over it. This Spring lookbook for Mango is so stunning, I had to share. I love Daria Werbowy, she is so gorgeous. Inspiting Wit indeed. I think there are a few neutral staples I could add to my wish list, inspired by this lookbook.
xx Jenelle

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