Saturday, February 15, 2014

Building A Capsule Wardrobe: Skirts

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You may look at my series of Building A Capsule Wardobe and think that the list in each category is quite long. You are correct in thinking that you could make do with less, indeed you can. I have been listing what I think to be the minimum basics to give you everything, but in each category you could pick a few items to get you started, and build from there. I haven't listed a bunch of links or suggestions of specific items to buy, because I have tried to choose items that you can find anywhere or at anytime. For example, I have a pleated skirt in an oxblood red by Lover which you have seen on the blog a couple of times, but I also have a grey vintage pleated skirt that I was given by my Nana. The point is, that these items are meant to be mostly classics, things that you will keep wearing until they fall apart.
Some handy rules I have when it comes to skirts… it is all about getting the proportions right for your own shape. 
I always wear a heel with any skirt that falls below the knee, otherwise I look frumpy and small, like the skirt is wearing me, not the other way around. I am really not able to pair a ballet flat and pencil skirt together and pull it off. Tread with caution if you are planning to do this, I have seen very few women who actually can. Pencil skirts are so flattering, I love the silhouette, as they follow the curve of the female form. I have added a lot to this list, because they are so damn good, and can be dressed up or down, either with a t-shirt and casual jacket like a leather or denim jacket, a knit jumper (the front tucked in) or dressed up with a blouse and blazer. I love to mix up wearing skirts to work, casually or to a dressy event, it feels very feminine, or rock and roll depending on what you choose. Dresses may be easier to throw on and run out the door, but a good skirt is so elegant and fun.  

This is my list of 'Must Have Skirts For Any Woman':
- 1x Midi length pleated skirt in grey, black, cream, oxblood, navy or tan (wear with a t-shirt or blouse and pair with a heel- the length works best with a little height) 
- 1x Light grey pencil skirt, (team with t-shirt, blouse or cami and blazer and pumps)
- 1x Cream or White split pencil skirt (team with a black tee, leather jacket, shoulder bag and peeptoe ankle boots and seriously nail it man!)
- 1x Lace skirt in a knee length or longer (team with a cami, blouse or t-shirt and strappy heels)
- 1x Pastel coloured pencil skirt (this neoprene one is a fave, I love neoprene!) 
- 1x Grey A-line skirt in a mini length (perfect for work, transeasonal)
- 1x White or Cream mini skirt (pictured here is a flippy skirt, just for fun, I like the fluting.)
- 1x Black leather mini or pencil skirt (choose the right thing for you, and dare to wear it anytime!)

If you have missed any of the 'Building A Capsule Wardrobe' series, check out the previous posts here
I will be bringing you more of this sort of post in coming weeks, so stay tuned. What skirts do you rely on?
Happy Capsule creating! 
xx Jenelle
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  1. Such a lovely set of skirts - really does cover everything! :)

    I tend to have quite simple tastes skirt wise, it's either a pencil, maxi or an a-line, and then I have lots of prints and basics in each style. :)

    Away From Blue

  2. Hi Mica,
    Glad you like them and the list. Simple is often the best I think, you can always add something more interesting to build an interesting outfit. If you find styles that work for you, investing in different colours and patterns is easy work. Sometimes a little too easy. ;)
    xx Jenelle