Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day in Lover

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I thought since I am seriously in love with an amazing man, I should do a little 'Valentine's Day' special post. Now, I will point out that, actually neither he nor I really like Valentine's Day and how over the top every store and some people get about it. However, we both took the day off mainly to avoid seeing people going crazy on the day, and save our sarcasm-o-meters going into overdrive. The plan is to head out for a drive, pack a picnic lunch and probably catch a Fringe show in the evening. So in reality during the day I will dress for walking around, not in a lace dress, but plan to slip into something like this beautiful Lover dress at night. 
If you have read this blog for a while you will have noticed I have a thing for Lover. I am slowly collecting pieces as much as I can- the prices are super steep, but the dresses (particularly the lace ones) are so dreamy, I cave every now and again. One day, to get my hands on one of the white lace dresses… le sigh. Anyway, this year I decided to go back to the valentine's classics, black, white and red. I have no idea where I got these heels, I bought them sometime while sourcing costumes for a show somewhere between Melbourne and Adelaide. I do like that they are an exception to the black, white and neutrals for shoes rule. Just every now and again it is nice to mix things up. If you do plan to celebrate Valentine's Day, what will you be doing and wearing? I hope you have fun with it, sorry if this post made you cringe. :)
xx Jenelle
Shots by Mario Recchia
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  1. You are really pretty :)
    Love the outfit too, especially the heels !

    xoxo Maria