Monday, September 16, 2013

Hatch Week: #1

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As you can no doubt tell from the Perth Fashion Festival coverage, Western Australia is brimming with incredible designers. The sheer number of designers who show each year- each with their own unique take on the modern Australian fashion aesthetic, is astounding. 
Hatch Boutique, recently relocated into a beautiful store in enex100, (Hay Street Mall), supports this local talent, stocking a huge range of WA labels.  
With the intention of creating a retail experience unique to Perth, Hatch stock many of these labels exclusively, working closely with the designers to ensure their collections are showcased and available straight off of the runway. 

Baring this in mind, we have teamed up with Hatch to produce a lookbook of their Spring- Summer stock, as interpreted by Perth bloggers. 
Over the coming week you will see how I styled four looks, from casual, right through to evening. 
 In the subsequent weeks I will share the links to the other bloggers involved in the project, each with their own style- I cannot wait to see what they come up with.  

The first look- my casual, morning look is perfect for running around in. This outfit is ready for the warmer weather- can take you from brunch, to a festival, or just zipping around town. I am in love with each piece. 

I swooned over this Gyptian bag- the icon shoulder bag, in beautiful lambskin, with geometric detailing. 
Alister Yiap creates the most interesting, sculptural jewellery, having just shown an incredible collection last week, this necklace, with sterling silver pendant is an elegant, long piece to throw over and adapt into your everyday wardrobe.  
Wild Horses have beautiful draped silk monochrome pieces ready for the Spring Summer warmth. This cropped singlet I could wear over high waist jeans, or skirts, layered with another tee (as seen on the PFF Designer Capsule #2 runway) or over a lace bra-let. 
Steph Audino, captured my love of silk and comfort with these shorts. Beautiful to wear, the shorts are a sporty moment for Audino, who you will see me feature later this week with a stunning evening gown.  
Any reader of Shut My Eyes will know I am a big fan of Katherine Dunmill, this braided wrist wrap from her new collection is a simple finishing touch to balance this outfit.
All items are available at Hatch.  

A special thank you to Hatch for collaborating with us.
All photos shot by Heidy Saeran of

xx Jenelle
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  1. Love the look Jenelle...Alister has definitely been on my radar for quite some time now...
    Adelle x