Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Student Runway Part Two

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Following on from the first Student Runway article for the Perth Fashion Festival, I shot these looks from the Eco and Costume Design categories. These are two categories which invite students to really get creative. The attention to detail for these garments- as they are not 'ready to wear' and therefore do not need to meet retail commercial requirements can be truly unique.
For a costume designer, I really like to see looks which communicate a character, and give you a sense of time and place. The details, fabric choices and garment execution are of the upmost importance.
This year the Costume division prize was taken out by WAAPA student Phillippa Nilant
with an incredibly beautiful off white gown, evoking a modern ethereal elegance. The garment, with a skirt made up of thousands of layers, easily weighing around 10 kilos, moved so mesmerisingly, I have tried to capture it here as best I could, but it really must be seen in person. 

Congratulations to all students involved who undertook such a big workload on top of thier class load to produce a beautiful show.
Tomorrow I will glam things up for daytime events in the next Hatch collaboration.

xx Jenelle
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  1. Hi there,
    I just wanted to let you know that the off white gown you speak of was by Emily Brewer, and was the winner of the Contemporary Eveningwear Section.