Thursday, August 29, 2013

Capsule Wardrobe Vol 2.0

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Continuing on in my Capsule Wardrobe series... last time I talked Casual, Work and Cocktails, read it here.

Jeans and a t-shirt, simple, comfortable and accessible.
Anyone can wear this, and should feel free to.
I probably wear these boots too much but I love them. I twisted my ankle the other week, and have only attempted heels once since, these semi heel boots have been saving me. They are loose, a good heel height and great quality.
Truth be told, my love of rock music, is something I tend to want to share with the world. I never know who any pop stars are, it takes a long time for me to work out who the big artists are (more than a year before I worked out who Lady gaga was- not kidding). Rock though- I am all about that.

Chloe Susanna Boots, Zara Tee (similar here), Cap, Levis Jeans, Ray Bans

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I have worn a variation of this to work, then to fashion events, and meetings. It is a good outfit when you have to go from one thing to another without time to change.
I love a pencil skirt, and pairing it with grey marle and an interesting hem line? Love. I like that I can throw this together with a white or black shirt, blazer, or a block colour for something different. I know grey is a bit of a nothing colour, (as talked about here) but it goes well with everything, so any piece of clothing in grey is good in my books.
Neoprene is not for everyone, but personally, I can't get enough.
For some reason I do like to wear pink, (despite what Karl says), it makes a nice change.
 This Vivienne Westwood bag I have had for YEARS, it fits a lot in, the plaid somehow manages to work with a lot of outfits- I particularly enjoy when it clashes with the rest of the look (to an extent- I won't pair it with yellow). I talked about these heels last time- prepare to see the same items a few times, capsule wardrobe and all. 
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So it does get cold here, and this teal coat has been my favourite winter coat for years. I spotted this one in Madison magazine then hunted it down from Sportsgirl of all places, back in 2008. Teal is a beautiful colour, in small doses. I am a sucker for military inspired coats, this one fits like a glove and keeps me warm.
These Italian wool leggings are warm, feel beautiful, and tick a few sporty boxes.
Pairing them with an oversized shirt, or this lace top makes it feel less like I am wearing leggings as pants. :)

Sportsgirl Coat, Flannel Lace Top, Alexander Wang Leggings, Ballet flats, Mimco Quilted Wallet, and Oroton Notebook.

xx Nell

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  1. I love this post as it gives us an insight into your staple looks! I'm so in love with your chloe boots and alexander wang heels!

    I'm also not really a pop music follower but try to watch some video clips or my younger sisters think I'm totally out of it...still not a fan though!