Sunday, September 1, 2013


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This week friends of mine were talking about style, what kind of 'style' we would be described as having, etc. Personally, as much as I enjoy getting all dressed up, I do like to keep things comfortable. 
Big platform heels, super tight dresses, fake tans and cleavage/ stomach revealing clothes are really not my thing. REALLY not. 
I believe the conversation went, 
Mikey: J, have you seen the Parisian Street Style book? 
Me: I feel like 'undone Parisian' is my style, with a rock twist. 
Mikey: Thats pretty much what this book says is true parisian style
Heidy: Ha ha. Let's do it... lets all move to Paris. :)

To get specific, an oversized shirt, undone hair (which I really should do something with), cropped jeans, and a great pair of classic sunglasses, are a cool, comfortable look in my books.
I do love these shoes, the style, even if I was unsure about them at first. The suede is buttery soft, and that height is a bonus for someone as short as I am. Isabel Marant continuously comes up with shoes I go nuts over. Hello, these are the best thing ever!
Is anyone else thrilled that Spring is here? I am so happy! It is the best time of year, flowers, sunshine... 

xx Jenelle
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  1. Loving this cool effortless look. I definitely think Marant would approve!