Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Have Fun

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I recently told you that I wear a ton of jeans and t-shirts, I wasn't kidding. In the past I avoided blogging a simple jeans-&-tee look purely because it didn't feel like I had made much effort for the blog. Anyone can wear this, so why blog about it? 
Well, I suppose it is about a few things;
One, I see a lot of bloggers in jeans, and I don't feel offended by it. 
Two, I actually wear this sort of thing, and I can do with proving that I have more than cocktail dresses and high waist pencil skirts in my closet. 
Three, you can take a jeans look from day to night with the change of a shoe- slip on a good heel, team with a blazer, and it transforms from this casual lunch- errand running outfit to something entirely different. Comfort and flexibility. Win.
I really do believe people are more attractive when they are comfortable, happy and themselves. 

Zoe Karssen makes great soft t-shirts with quirky logos/ slogans such as this one. 
I chose this because my brother points out to me often that I say "Have fun!" each time he (or most people) leave. It is pure habit, as I often wish them this as they head off to mundane places like the bank, the letterbox or the bathroom.... 
Pure Habit. 

xx Jenelle
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  1. Haha, I do the same thing! Such a good shirt.

  2. You look amazing in jeans gorgeous lady. That Zoe Karssen tee is super rad. I love her t-shirt range - so super fun hehe xx