Thursday, August 1, 2013

Betty Tran Anniversary Show

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This week I had the pleasure of helping out some friends backstage for Betty Tran's First Anniversary show. The show- inspired by Betty's recent time in Paris, was shown in two parts- one ready to wear and one formal gowns. The ready to wear mixed bold stripes, monochrome, geometric patterns, printed lace and block warm colours. This collection is literally ready to be worn into the offices of Perth. Outgoing, feminine and strong- dresses, soft blouses, trousers and skirts captured a modern Perth woman (who has a little travel lust for Parisian gardens). 

The gowns in blush pink and a tinted lemon were beaded-pleated corsets and floor skimming draped skirts. This collection is drinking tea and snacking on Laduree macarons over looking the Eiffel Tower. Guests surrounded by Wed on Beaufort floral arrangements and dressed in Derby Day black and white, filled the lobby of Brookfield Place to celebrate Betty's very busy year. 
Now set to launch her second store in Times Square Claremont, online store and having shown in New York and Paris, the busy designer has clearly touched Perth fashion lovers in a short time. 

All photos I snapped as we waited for the runway, with a line of models happy to pose for me. Also featuring Mikey Walton, Donna Dee, Tamara Herring and of course the lady in red- Betty Tran. I wore my winter staple Josh Goot Suede wool dress (as seen on this blog before) and Alexander Wang Jocelyn Heels. 

xx Nell
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  1. great photos and post :) absolutely love the black and white pics!