Monday, July 29, 2013


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What was that I was saying about how easy a dress could be? 
I stalk any Equipment sales, because these shirts/ dresses and jumpers are so beautiful. 
Made from the softest silk, or cashmere, they come in great colours and hues, and are simply good. 

A shirt dress is a great item for work, for a casual thing, or dressed up to be a relaxed outfit to take, well, anywhere. I think this is my go to for a lot of occasions, it is safe, yes, but cool too. How perfect to find it in khaki? I had stupidly said no to the shirt version of this during the Net-a-Porter sales, only to see it sold out minutes later. So finding this dress at Zara Bryson made me very happy (as did the 50% off sale). Thanks Perth for bringing Paris to me. Also, I love this dress belted. Instant shape.

Heidy shot these for me last weekend, and yep, I did a shimmy out of one dress into another in the car park- with an apartment block of potential onlookers. Whatever. 
I'd just bought it, and Heidy and I decided it could be used and abused in under an hour. 
Bloggers. :)

xx Nell
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  1. Such a modern day twist on a classic! Love it.
    Your hair is also looking so nice, by the way.

    Steph x

  2. A stunning outfit- understated and so chic! And how do you pose so well (almost as if there is no camera there)? I just look silly! Very gorgeous!

    Sarah x