Saturday, July 27, 2013


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Happiness is a dress you can throw on and feel completely comfortable in. I have always loved that a dress can become an outfit, in so many different ways- change up the shoes, the jacket, pull back your hair- it just sorts itself out. I bought the skirt version of this Lover dress (you may have seen it in this post here) but when I found the dress on sale I knew I'd rather swap. So I did. 

These photos from last Saturday were shot at that golden hour as the sun begins to dip, by Heidy after the Times Square Blogger Event. I had never known that there was a rooftop car park above the square, but it was the perfect photo spot (also two hours free parking). 
 As I write this a week later, it is pouring with rain, and I can not help but think- how was it so warm mid-winter a week ago? 
PS. these heels are awesome, and are on sale down to $37! 

xx Nell
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  1. Oh my golly, you look absofreakinglutely stunning in these photos Nell! Such a beauty!


  2. Jenelle, I'm so tempted to buy those shoes, even though I already have quite a few basic black ones I love. Are they unbearably painful or surprisingly comfy?

    1. Thanks @ Mon!
      Well @ CL they are not bad- they are quite high, and I probably wouldn't wear them for a whole day, but they could be a lot worse! Not bad at all for the price.
      xx Jenelle