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Winter Beauty

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I thought I would treat you guys to another 'beauty post' hooray! Since we left off, I have been trialling products without so many nasty chemicals, and have been pretty happy with the results. 
Each day I am still staring with an alkalnising cup of warm water and fresh lemon, before breakfast. 
I discovered a love for Kora Organics, the smell of each product is addictive- in that I look forward to using them as often as I should. I love that these are now available at Net-A-Porter (see link to the right), and particularly enjoyed The Edit videos that Miranda Kerr shot with them last month. Be sure to check it out here. I have been adopting Miranda's fun routine of jumping for joy for a few seconds each morning to wake up and get the day started positively! :) I also love that Kora uses filtered water infused with Rose Quartz crystal, which is soothing and is believed to have heart healing properties which encourage self-love. It is nice to be assured that products are made with care and with healthy minds and bodies as an outcome. 

First of all I tried the Kora Energising Citrus Mist using it as a toner, and to freshen up as the day goes on. The Mists are also great in summer, kept in the fridge as a cooling, refreshing spray. I think I could easily keep one of the Kora Mists in my handbag, work desk, bathroom and bedside table, they are so good, next on my wish list will be the Calming Lavender, and Balancing Rosewater Mists. I am still loving the Kora Foaming Cleanser featured in the last Beauty Post (up here in case you missed it).

Rather than lather on a heap of foundation, I love to use tinted moisturisers- as they (should) contain an spf, and aren't as intense a finish as a foundation, something which ironically you need to use more, the more you use it. (Those companies are onto something there, yet again I have no doubt.)
Reading that the Kora Tinted Day Cream is the only foundation Miranda Kerr uses these days (with her busy photo schedule!) I thought I had better give it a try. Now I will point out that given we are in the middle of winter, and my skin hasn't seen many sunrays living in SA, I am not as 'tanned' as I normally am in the height of summer, so my first thoughts are, for a 'one colour suits all' product, it is VERY dark. I actually need to be really mindful of blending this product well, as it is very noticeable. I am talking 'dirty' looking smudges across my skin in unseemly patches, but the product itself is lovely. Again, it smells amazing, covers well, feels great and lasts. It is alkaline, ph balanced as are all Kora products, so I have less oil issues toward the end of the day (my skin can get a touch oily around my forehead). That is a lot of ticks, but I am the first to say 'lighten up' Kora- I am not that tanned! 

As a moisture treatment overnight and an eye cream I have been using a few drops of the Kosmea certified organic Rose hip Oil, which is an amazing way to rehydrate skin. I do find if I use it a few nights in a row I can get an impurity, so I only do this a few times a week. I notice that the Kosmea Day Spa is now open in Adelaide and they are doing a special this month, for $49 one hour facial or an $89 one hour facial and one hour massage (normally $120). Damn it, why am I only finding this out now that I have moved?! Adelaide people, get onto it. Details are here.

I wrote about MooGoo last time, having used the cleanser and moisturiser, and still happily doing so. MooGoo are in the process of developing a new line of Mineral Makeup, designed to provide a nice affordable alternative without nasty chemicals. The team at MooGoo kindly sent me some of the Mineral Foundation Powder to test, before they launch it onto the market. I loved this product. It is light, layers up to provide a nice coverage without being too heavy, or too light. I tried it on its own, or worn over the Kora Tinted Day Cream and found that it lightened and evened out my skin tone. In the form of a loose powder and a beautifully soft kabuki brush, the MooGoo mineral powder smells lovely, is easy to use and lasts well throughout the day. I will update you on when this product and the makeup line is available, as it is so good. 

Other noted products I have been trying out include the Grants of Australia Herbal and Mineral Toothpaste (not tested on animals, contain no petrochemicals, no SLS and no GMO ingredients) which has a mild minty/ cardamon flavour, and isn't gross. I find 'regular' toothpastes super weird, chemically and I have always hated brushing my teeth because of it. Spearmint 'flavour' is like eating those gross sugary lollies shaped like a mint leaf. Ew. There is no way I want that in my mouth. (Have you guys cottoned onto my dislike for lollies yet?) 

Finally I have been trying out the MooGoo Fresh Cream Deodorant. This one smells like pretty well nothing (not like a Tea-Tree plantation), works really well, and best of all has no breast cancer causing aluminium going directly into my blood stream. Gotta be happy with that! I guess the big thing about an aluminium based deodorant is that is blocks the sweat ducts, meaning your underarms stay dry, but they can not perspire naturally. If you only ever want that dry under arm feeling, then it is best to keep using your aluminium based products, but I would recommend doing a little reading up about what that is doing to your body, as it is NOT GOOD! While the MooGoo deodorant controls the bacteria, you get no bad body odour smells, which is great, but this means that you can still naturally perspire- also great, but that means your under arms aren't always 'dry'. Simply put... They aren't meant to be. 

In the last couple of weeks I have relocated back to Perth for a bit, and am happily now living with my friend Jess and her little man D'artagnan. You will probably see him pop up on my Instagram account, cause he is just too darn cute. Here he photobombed my 'beauty post' photos, so I thought I'd better include that! He is actually trying to type for me as I write this, so helpful. :)

I have a 'hair beauty post' for you, and some food stuff, as I attempt to live sugar free for a while. 
Stay tuned. 
xx Nell
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  1. I love grants! I also find the packaging hilarious lol.