Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Times Square

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Some thirty bloggers and stylists descended onto Times Square Claremont for a catch up on Saturday, as well as a personal tour of the strip, weaving in and out of boutiques. Times Square houses both local Perth designer talent, alongside international designer labels which have even the most 'sworn-to-op-shop-vintage-finds' bloggers drooling over soft buttery leather goods, iconic scarves, perfected heels and couture gowns. With neon things to make the 'on-trend-bloggers' froth, while the 'classic-staple-loving-bloggers' may have crunched numbers while holding a piece of Valentino studded bliss, there is something for every woman to get excited over. Previously known as the place in town to get a ball gown, Times Square has exactly that, and a whole lot more. 

We began with a coffee and treats (which looked lovely, but I am on the I Quit Sugar Kick so there were no Macaroons for me) at Lemon Espresso where the coffee was definetely recommendable. It was of course really nice to see a heap of bloggers I had met last year- some I hadn't seen since PFF, and hear what they have been up too. Actually there were a LOT more there than I had expected, or had ever heard of, that was a shock! So many young faces, so many cameras! 
Moving on... we made our way in a clockwise loop, stopping in at...

 Leona Edmiston (beautiful change room, plenty of bright dresses and prints to suit all body shapes- and a whole lot on sale)
Lost Souls (Stocking local designer goods I had spied on the PFF runway last year, and other impressive pieces in leather I noted I could comfortably wear as a second skin. Great use of space- cute design props, and the odd vintage Chanel)
Couture Gowns (the only spot in Perth stocking Vera Wang bridal- open by appointment only, we were lucky to spot a Bride to be in a beautiful gown, complete with black tie waist bow- an excellent touch)
Tarvydas (who makes a lot of those ball gowns mentioned earlier, personally I loved the jewellery care of Alister Yiap, and the 'Love' heels care of Moschino)
Ae'lkemi (home to sequin, beading, feathers, leather, lace, and a very nice marble counter top, a Perth favourite) 
Cultstatus (These guys stock Givenchy, Valentino, Alexander McQueen, Proenza Schouler, Alexander Wang, Balenciaga, Lanvin, Yves Saint Laurent and more) 
Poppy Lissiman (Where all of the trend was living, neon, House of Holland, Three Floor, and kookiness) 
Sana (Who stock Lover, Nicholas, J-Brand, Paige Denim, Camilla and Marc, Alice McCall and more. I actually loved the Nicholas leather jacket I tried on, it is a good find, as were some of the Lover sale pieces.)

and more. Pictured above is a jumbled order of shots I took along the way and with bloggers Kiara, Laura, Nadine, Donna, Heidy (who also has an outfit post of my outfit this day up on her blog now- she is one of my favourites to shoot with!), Emily and more. 
Thank you Nikola for having us, I can highly recommend a visit. 
xx Nell
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  1. Awesome work once again! I am looking forward for your next post ;)overseas movers

  2. Heyy Jenelle... Lovely post! Loved you pictures...