Monday, December 10, 2012

Party Season Collage


It is that time again. This past week has been full of fun festive parties, launches and catch ups. 
More on those to come- sneak peaks on my instagram and Tumblr feeds. 
Before I skip out to a work party, I thought I'd share a little December party season collage. 
It's pretty well sequins, brocade, purples, yellows, pinks, silvers, golds, sparkles, pops of colour, black leather, denim hints, a little white and a touch of charm. 
The main thing for this time of year is to have fun but also to be comfortable, which means if you wanna dress casual, do it, and be confident. 
The pressure of finding the right outfit for each party can waste time and money, so if you have a lot on, feel free to mix and match, dress up or down, just play, and be happy.
Throw on a bold lip and troubles melt away.  

Party season must do's: 
Maintain charm, wit and have fun without making a mess! 
Wear sequins and embellishments, it's Christmas, why not?

Party season must don't s: 
Do not over drink, dress, eat, analyze, speak out of turn, be overly late or post up party pics and tag people without asking first!!
Leave the house looking like a Christmas Tree.

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