Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Parade


Hello Adelaide.
On Sunday I touched in to Adelaide and headed straight to Norwood for the Norwood Place Parade and Fashion Markets. 
I managed to catch one of the parades and soak in the buzz, as people strolled the market stalls and saw  pieces showcased from local boutiques. My picks were from Aqua, Wild Child and The Birdcage.



Norwood Parade is home to some of Adelaide's most loved boutiques, coffee shops and my fave- an iconic Italian Market- Vari's.
Guests were also enjoying a High Tea, which looked beautiful and delicious. 


Young Adelaide designers competed in a Design Pressure Test. Given 3 meters of fabric, the entrants were then given two hours to come up with a design.
The winner was announced by Lauren of The Urban Silhouette

Finally four women were chosen from the crowd and given a transformation, including hair, makeup and styling care of Norwood Parade artists and stores. The results were women who reflected externally their positive and inspiring personalities.

I am in Adelaide for the 2012 Adelaide Fashion Festival, and am very excited to be meeting Adelaide bloggers I have never met, hanging out with my faves and bringing you coverage of the events. 
There is some exciting stuff ahead. 
xx Nell.

All pics via instagram. Follow me there for more fashion goodness. 

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  1. amazing photos! looks like a great show!

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog