Monday, April 4, 2011

White to Black With a Rainbow in Between

Went for a walk to my local school Fair yesterday, sun was warm, kids were colourful and I picked up a cute black Velvet bag for 50 cents! Loved the art gallery (pics above and below). Have been listing items to sell on eBay and hoping to be rid of some items that I have never used! At the moment it is just dvd's and cd's but I have a LOT of new designer clothing to sell soon and will post up a link when I do!

Loving my bright red nails and seeing my colleagues dressed so swanky for a party the other night, will post up one pic, but didn't take any of whole outfit so you'll just get a peak. Wore my fave Wayne Cooper Dress, Zac Posen jacket and a black driving gloves. Completely loving the super cute Maddy (pictured with me at top) and her amazing fringe.

Currently listening to Sia and flipping through US Vogue and Elle while awaiting recently waterproof sprayed shoes to dry. Going to pick up my new glasses soon, way excited! I've had my Dior ones for 5 years it turned out! Time for a change!

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  1. So cute, you and your friend look uber adorable!

    Love the children's drawings, such simple beauty captured through their eyes. :)

    The Cat Hag