Saturday, April 2, 2011

Post # 100 Special!

Post #100! Woohoo!
Thanks all for checking out my blog, it is always really cool to read your lovely comments and hear from people who have read my posts. Here is a collection of some of my favorite pics from the past few years. Love Jenelle. x
Image one is me trying on a hat downstairs in the Costume Vault of His Majesties Theatre. Image two is me sitting on set in rehearsal for our Kafka's Metamorphosis piece at WAAPA. Image three is me out on a wine tour in the Swan Valley in Perth, wearing my Alice McCall penguin dress.
Image four is me swimming in the South of WA, the beaches are incredible there!
Image five is from a shoot Nicole did of my Millinery, with me and Cleo, taken by Peppermunk.
Image six is my new vintage cowboy boots care of Old Midwest. Love!


  1. Wow, those hats are so gorgeous!!
    Congrats on 100th post, woahh!!
    xx S

  2. Beautiful hats!! 100th post?! Great!!! Xoxo