Thursday, January 13, 2011

Into the Woods

It occurs to me now that genuinely believing that eating all of the crusts will make your hair curl was stupid. Also believing that beaches were separated in the water by fences was the dumbest thing ever. Urgh. My mind as a small girl was soooo gullible. Thank the lord I never had older siblings. Just a nick name like Nelle's Deli was bad enough.

How could you lie to this face? (A young me in the 80s).

Last night I dreamed that my favorite tea cup smashed. I wondered what this may mean, one definition I found- to dream of tea cups, "indicates that you need to be more spiritual." so I think to dream of it smashing can only be a good thing. Perhaps? Well, lets hope so. How embarrassing to dream of being "nonspiritual". I mean, that is really awful isn't it? (Hang my head in shame.)

Today it is raining, and I am thinking about people in QLD and northern NSW. I wish you all the very best, and hope that the nightmare will end soon. This includes you Willie. x

Frozen Jelly polaroid.

Pictured above wearing Vintage trousers, Mimco Emerald bag, Mimi Loves Jimi boots, Raybans and Witchery scarf. Images taken in the woods nearby. An incredible spot.


  1. Love love love those pants darling ! x

  2. Thanks so much, I seriously can not get enough of them. x

  3. i love these pants, such a chic casual outfit!!

  4. Ahh so jealous of your pants. I do believe I am collecting khaki this season :|

    Also thinking of the people over East, it is so so horrible!

  5. Thankyou both! Collecting khaki also, have about four pairs of trousers at the moment on rotation, all khaki.
    And yes, the feeling of being in a safe place, knowing full well the extent to which other Australians have been going through a hell of a time is so sad. I wish them all the support and positive energy I can muster.