Sunday, January 16, 2011

Would you marry me when we are seventy? You have nothing to lose.

Sunny sunny Sunday, you were so good to me. Tried my luck at the Gilles St Markets, which were pretty ghost town. Yum Cha for lunch was a wonderful alternative... followed by wandering around with gelati and a little climb on the playground. Which was actually very funny. Sadly the swing sets were looking a little blue, so no heights for us. Happily talked my way into buying someone else's reserved copy of the latest Lula (there was NO WAY I was going to miss that one- seriously they are like Hen's teeth over here) with the incredible Charlotte Gainsbourg gracing the cover (in one of their best ever). (Seriously if you didn't see The Tree do so as soon as it hits DVD town, and pick up The Science of Sleep for a triple threat of one of the cutest films ever.) The interview Sophia Coppola did with legend Milena Canonero is brilliant. And picked up the Dec British Vogue with Shona Heath's Astrological shoot photographed by her husband Tim Gutt. So love the Virgo look, and the Cancer is pretty clever. Seriously, she is my hero, as far as set designers go. I will meet her someday, I am too determined not to. I hope your day was as lovely. x

Pictured: Me in Alice McCall with my fave new vintage satchel and the ever lovely Irene.


  1. That B&W stripey-ish dress is so cute! Ive never seen one like it and it is soo hard to find an original printed maxi dress!
    Love your blog! xx

  2. Hey, now she did tell me, it was a Sunny Girl dress from Whistles here in Adelaide. It comes in Navy and White and red and White from memory. Cheers, hun. x