Monday, July 12, 2010

I think I did it again...

Irene and I. Shot by Cleo Luneburg.
Me in the offending Sass and Bide Cardi.

My best friend and I live apart. It is sad. She is half way across the country from me (or, perhaps I am, from her?). I miss her so much. I am counting down the months till we can hang out again. This year has been the longest we have ever gone since we met years ago without seeing each other. By the time we are in the same town, it will have been eleven months since we say each other last (and even then I was in town for about four days)!

When we have caught up over the past few years while I have been living here, and her there, a strange thing has occurred. We have both shown up wearing a new outfit, or part there of, and then discovered that we were wearing the same thing! Once or twice she has met me wearing something where I am like " Hey! I have that!" and vice versa. We have different styles too, and wear things differently. She is a master at styling, I learn so much from her. She can come look at my wardrobe and put together outfits that I never would have thought of. I think I am a little more crazy than her, she wouldn't wear some of my 'dress-up' clothes, which actually I tend to save for when I am back home... I have managed to collect some really odd pieces over the years, some which I have never worn, but cherish all the same. She is classic and modern and so so gorgeous.

This weekend I got a new cardigan, and later when looking through my old phone I found a picture message she sent me about two years ago with what may be a longer version of the same Cardigan that she had just bought. So I think I have done it again!

Sorry Irene-my cupcake!

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