Wednesday, July 14, 2010

To do to do...

How great are lists? I love them. I love writing them, I love having notebooks full of them and most of all I like crossing things off and having done with them.

At this time of year my lists have been things like:

-Go to Dentist,
-Order new contacts,
-Get taxes done and posted,
-Close Perth Bank account,
-Compile things to sell off,
-Catch up with people on my 'catch up with people list',
-Post off the piles of mail for people who used to live in my house,
-Write letters,
-Homework! Ah!

Etc.... Fun times hey? Oh yeah. It's like that catch up time, you know, the one and only (or close to it) that I have each year to go through my things. But you know what, I love this stuff. But only for once a year (ish)!

Loving Right Now:

-Laughing in the office,
-Apple tea,
-Cloudy Apple Juice (notice a theme?)
-New mohair cardi/dress, although have sneaking suspicion Irene has it in blue(!),
-Savouring the last of the Haighs truffles Mum and Dad brought me,
-Karen Cheng
-Awaiting tickets for my lifelong idol PAT BENETAR!!!! And the Bangles! WOO!
-Knowing that in three months WAAPA will be over!
-Working on Chaos

Disliking Right Now:
-Builders, trucks, machinery, every friggen morning!
-Not getting things on my list done in time for school
-Homework. In denial!!!
-Needing more sleep and hoping I get it!

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