Thursday, July 8, 2010


Last week I checked out LOVEBiTES'an Australian musical written by James Millar with music by Peter Rutherford.

It is a modern look at lifes romantic battles with mini stories covering a whole range of akward, lovely, horrible and amusing relationships. It is witty, quirky, clever, sad and fun all at once. The cast are impressive, and are given the opportunity to engross themselves in a huge range of emotions, characters and situations.

My favorite scene was a cute meeting between a librarian (Millar) and a keen joiner (David Harris) who meet for a book club. Sadly only one person shows up for the club, late, and not really understanding what Orwell's 1984 was all about. Cute.

I must admit my favorite part was the clever addition of the plastic bag drop towards the end of one number.
I am really enjoying working with James on A Little Touch of Chaos, and look forward to getting more involved soon.

LOVEBiTES is showing at the Playhouse until Sunday 11th of July.

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