Monday, June 28, 2010

Mean things come from Adelaide.

CIBO's tramezzini originali you make me so mad. My mouth waters every time I think of you, and that is just mean. My mouth has been watering now since December, and it looks like things will continue along this path till Novemberish. Jerk Sandwiches!

T-Bar's Guava Green Iced Tea, I care very little for you indeed at the moment. If you were in my hands, I might be nicer, but since you are not, I can give you the big finger as it were, to give a beverage "YOU ARE WATERY AND SO SO"! Take that!

Genki, you are horrid. You make me want to hurl your sushi across the room with my chop sticks. Please note, you brought this on yourselves for making a product not available in other states.

Just Tickled Pink, our relationship is over! Your lavender Cupcakes, displayed so elegantly behind glass cases from the 50s are nasty. Your trying to lure me in with walls plastered with Audrey Hepburn does not work anymore!

Waffles at Chocolate @ No. 5 are a crime. They just make me so furious. So furious I am going to screw my nose up in your general direction. I am guessing that Hahndorf is in ----> that general direction.

B.T.S. your mini cakes are NOT Better than Sex!

I stomp my feet all over the Churros at Mesa, and refuse from here on in to think that the Sangria at Sangria will ever make anyone happy. Also Mesa you are big meanies for having such evil cocktail menus, which, are in no way original. No way.

Thali Room, you just don't even understand how a good relationship should work. No idea. You are so naive. You just make me want to poke my tongue out at you.

Cocolat, if you guys went under and your gelati no longer existed, I wouldn't even care. Not one bit. In fact I would probably laugh, out loud, for days.

China Town, I am just shaking my fist at the whole of you right now. If your ears are burning, it is from the curses that I have hurled in your direction for some time now. Particularly the establishments that used to make really great Duck dishes. And I thought you should know that your Laksa's all taste like dishwater.

McClaren Vale all of the wines from your region are off. I tried some and they have all gone bad.

Now that you all know how I feel, I think, it would be nicer, if we could treat each other with respect and just not invade each others minds anymore. Really, if I think about you one more time, I will just have to use bad filthy language at you.

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  1. High five! Infact, gimme TEN for that tirade.

    Not that I can admit having purchased items from or even been to several of those establishments...but I do so get irrtated by the fake blowing up of a lot of adelaide's very kitschy shops/mini-industries.

    And after going to japan- I am a near total sushi snob. It's terrible and I need therapy.