Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Metallic Skirt

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Metallic pieces are seriously cool. They aren't really for everyday, reflect night lights in a amazing rock and roll way, yet somehow feel right when dressed down. It is almost too easy to glam them up for a night on the town. Too obvious. This Ellery silver wrap skirt is still one of my favourite pieces, but due to the delicate nature of the fabric, I rarely wear it. So today, this is my worn 20% of the time item. That same white t-shirt dresses the skirt down nicely- and the disk necklace ties the silver back up to the top. Hate my 'dressed down' shoes? You too huh? Mario is with you there. I could easily have thrown on my converse, but I didn't, these looked cleaner. (The white cotton Converse get so dirty- but I love how clean the white leather versions stay, that is my little tip, spend the extra to buy the leather). 

How I could go on and on about the trench coat. The cut is elegant, classic and versatile; find at least one in a neutral colour and you will forever be glad that you did. At any moment that you are late, running out the door and think it may be cold or rainy, a trench will be your greatest friend. This Italian wool trench is not entirely traditional- the fabric is super thin and light, the colour is not a typical neutral, but for me, it goes with a lot of my colours. It was actually floor length when I got it, and being so pastel and soft looked very much like a dressing gown. After the hemline chop it becomes a much more practical length, so my advice here is if you love it, the price is right, but it needs a little alteration- do it and have yourself a versatile item. 

So where would I wear this get up? (Besides on the bridge crossing the road to the park, of course). Out to lunch, shopping, to an event with non-Birkenstock haters... whatever really, and to switch to another pair of shoes is fine too, and may take this look further. For a great range of Australian brands complete with a big range of trench coats and metallic skirts, shorts, dresses and shoes among other things, take a look at The Iconic. I can recommend them purely based on the department store sized range alone- I regularly scope out labels like Lover, Camilla and Marc, J Brand, White Suede, Aje, Wish and many more.
xx Jenelle
Photos taken by Mario Recchia

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  1. Great color match! Love the first photo!