Thursday, January 16, 2014

Two Ways To Wear: Spots (Part Two)

 photo Lover-Skirt-City-Perth_zpse39d3a43.jpg
 photo Lover-Skirt-2_zps179b001c.jpg
 photo Lack-of-Color-Hat-1_zps40d45066.jpg
 photo Lover-Skirt-1_zps781d582a.jpg
 photo Close-Up-Lover-Skirt_zpsb9f87335.jpg
 photo Lover-Skirt-BW_zps28a9f944.jpg
 photo Windsor-Smith-Heels-1_zpsac5239cf.jpg
 photo Lover-Skirt-3_zpsa15a6128.jpg
Sportsgirl Blouse, Lack Of Color Hat, Lover Skirt, Windsor Smith Gillie Heels, Michael Kors Watch

This time around I paired my spotted wrap top with a mid-length pleated skirt for a feminine and elegant look (which is also pretty fun to swoosh around in). While I feel like this look is something I would wear happily wandering up to the corner of the Boulevard Saint-Germain and the Rue St. Benoit for a coffee at Cafe de Flore, I can swap Paris for Perth and dream, right? With a beautiful view of the river and the city, surrounded by green lawns and gardens, it is not so tough.

You have seen me in this skirt before, I love it, the length is longer than my 'normal' choice, but it feels a little different and ladylike. I have also spotted a bunch of stylish women in street style photos from Paris Fashion Week in similar long skirts, so it's nice to know I am not far off the mark. Thinking about it I should probably do a little fashion week street style inspiration post. I know those photos are everywhere, but, I never get tired of looking at them. I own a few hats, you can see I love them. No surprises from a Millinery graduate! The price and quality of the Lack of Color hats is really impressive, and the owners are lovely. Oh, I forgot to say last time that this shirt also comes in a really beautiful check print, I must admit I was sad that the store I went to had sold out of my size.
By the way, in case you missed it, here is Part One of my Two Ways To Wear: Spots post.
xx Jenelle
Shots by Mario Recchia
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