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Travel Beauty

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Everyone dreams about getting away, while I haven't traveled in far too long, I do have a travel beauty bag packed at any given time (ready for a few nights away, or in reality- just staying over at someone's house at the drop of a hat). I don't think that just because you are heading away somewhere that your beauty regime should be compromised. So either I decant my regular skin care products into smaller travel bottles, or stock up when the brands I love make handy travel packs. Particularly around Christmas, a lot of department stores add travel or gift packs to their shelves at a really good rate, so it is worth stocking up. This year I happily found a Kosmea travel pack which at $30 and stocked with products retailing up to $70 was a great buy. The Discover Collection gift pack is pretty similar, with great Kosmea products and a handy way to try before you commit to bigger bottles.

So what have I got in the travel bag? Obviously thanks to that gift pack, a lot of these are Kosmea, a brand that I have talked about before- their certified organic rose hip oil is lovely. 
Kosmea Hydrating Rosewater Mist is a beautiful and refreshing mist that sneaks its way out of the travel bag and into my handbag a lot. I also pop this into the fridge and use it as a cool mist on a hot day. I use it as a toner or simply to rehydrate my skin after the sun (also probably handy to spritz onto sunburn- but wear sunscreen and avoid skin cancer!). It smells so pretty, and feels light and fresh. 
Bamboo Environmental Toothbrush from the organics store, it is super soft (which I need) and tiny, so perfect to travel with. I use this with Grant's toothpaste (which I talked about back here). 
Aromas Argan Oil Spray by Nak Hair, given to me at the Cenote Swim launch a few weeks ago, this leave in shine spray with argan oil protects the hair from our sun damaging UV rays and hair straighteners. I love that this is paraben and sulphate free but smells delish containing lavender oil, patchouli and geranium. I spray this onto my hair while it is drying after washing and the bonus is that it gives me no tangles. :)
Kosmea Clarifying Facial Wash  an SLS free (see my breakdown of all of the nasty chemicals to avoid here on my Beauty Lessons post) using a coconut foaming agent instead, to wash away make-up and nasties morning and night. This cleanser is not a heavy cream cleanser, but uses macadamia oil to dehydrate as well as rose hip oil, wattle seed, lily pilly and quandong to cleanse and tone. This is another refreshing cleanser to help wake me up in the morning and get rid of the days oils or makeup on my face. It smells very Australian too, which is nice. I gotta say that I also hugely value that this cleanser doesn't contain alcohol. I hate that on my skin! 
Kosmea Radiance 24/7 Youth Boost, a certified organic blend of oils to give a nice hydrating kick. After cleansing and toning I massage a bit of this morning or night to my still damp skin to keep the good oils in and prolong the moisture (or youthfulness ?!) :). Made up of Kosmea's rose hip oil, seabuckthorn, pomegranate, camellia and apricot oils there is nothing not to love. It's a nice treat. Also very useful for applying to scars, burns, cuts, and spots like elbows, knees, nails and heels. 
Kosmea Replenishing Moisture Cream with green tea extract and of course that rose hip oil. The rose hip oil is the organic part of this, and I must say it is nice, but it does also have things like alcohol in it which as I said before, I don't love on my face. I couldn't find this for sale on their site, so it may be discontinued or under development. 

What are some of your travel beauty tips? Please share! 
I find on a bigger trip that I tend to pack bigger bottles of hair and skincare products, and discard them as they run out. The bonus is that on the way home your suitcase has less in it so you can throw in a holiday buy or two. :) 
My main tip is to pack only what you will need, and don't leave things out. Trying to explain in other languages what you are trying to find can be tricky, or costly. I have a gold plated pair of tweezers that I bought on my first overseas trip- I was 18, solo and my eyebrows had sprouted a few unexpected hairs that I could not ignore. I spoke some German, but no one understood what I was after- even with my gestures. :) 
Pack minimal makeup- or a decent small pallet with a few colours and keep things easy and natural. You can always pick up a colour for a special occasion should you need it. 
Then again, just don't wear any makeup! Your skin will thank you. 
xx Jenelle
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  1. Gorgeous post! I love Kosmea Rosewater mist too! $30 is such a bargain for a travel pack, always good to have one ready to go at the drop of a hat :) x x