Thursday, January 2, 2014

Funkita Pixel Mix

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Quite a while ago the guys from Funkita Swimwear kindly sent me a piece from their latest Pixel Mix collection. Funkita are a sportswear swim brand sponsoring competitive athletes and swimmers all over. Based in Collingwood, the Way Funky Group are an Australian born company creating highly durable swimwear with brands Funky Trunks for men, Funkita for Women and Kiargo, a fashion separates range for women. Although not heavily into advertising, the company prefer to put their energy back into the customer, creating the best quality products. The Funkita range is designed for strong, fun-loving women who care for their health and fitness, reflecting in the comfortable and bold printed designs. 

The Razor Blast two piece sports bikini (with pieces sold separately at under $45.00) they kindly sent me is probably a little brighter than my normal stay-away-from-prints rule, but I love the blue hues. The range tend to be on the smaller side, so go one size up when you order, this is most likely for durability for their athletes (the fabric is super strong!!). Made from C-Infinity Polyester exclusive to Funkita, a colour intense and chlorine resistant fabric made for long wear and regular use. 
I love the racer back, so that was the winner for me, it is sporty, comfortable and modern. While I would normally stick to swim wear in black, grey or white, Funkita carry all of these as well as all kinds of bright happy prints, and a HUGE range of sizes for all shapes and ages. They also do kids, toddler and mens ranges featuring that long wear fabric. I love that this is a company I could recommend to my family members of all shapes ages and sizes, knowing that the quality will last them for years. 

This is a little more skin than I have normally shown on the blog, but if it is a product I can recommend I will go for it, and hope not to offend. At the moment I am working on my own fitness, as I have literally survived off of being blessed with a slim body and have always eaten healthily, but of late have recognised how important developing core strength and general fitness is for going into my older age. I know that sounds obvious, but I want to live right, and not exercising doesn't aid your wellbeing! As I haven't really exercised much over the past few years I am trying a bunch of different things to do, to see what works for me, (namely which I find the most fun) and will be chatting about them here, so stay tuned, and please share any suggestions! 
You can tell that this sporty bikini gave me the excuse to run around jumping and cartwheeling like a kid as we watched the sun setting, happy days. :) 

xx Jenelle
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  1. It's amazing how when you find the right thing it just slots naturally into your lifestyle. I used to be THE LEAST sporty person ever, now I can't imagine life without it. For me, running for cardio and clarity, ballet for core strength and focus.