Monday, November 18, 2013

Beaufort Street Festival 2013 #1

 photo Camilla-and-Marc-Jumpsuit_zpsc6416d04.jpg
 photo Naomi-in-Camilla-and-Marc_zps88529575.jpg photo Meagan-W-in-Zimmermann-Swim_zps101c8b8f.jpg photo Camilla-Jumpsuit_zpse516fe56.jpg photo Mensware-2a_zps1ea77118.jpg
 photo Mensware-3a_zpsa34578cc.jpg photo Mensware-4a_zps37fc56e1.jpg photo Mensware-5a_zps118f3d1e.jpg
 photo Red-Balloon-Zimmemann-Jumpsuit_zpscc604d7b.jpg
 photo Mia-in-Steph-Audino_zps35eeb606.jpg photo Meagan-C-in-Steph-Audino_zps8e15c5e0.jpg photo Steph-Audino-Black_zps8a383104.jpg photo Steph-Audino-Orange_zpsf5c42ea2.jpg photo Steph-Audino-Black-Mowhawk_zps84895bd2.jpg
 photo BFS-Fashion-Photo-SHoot_zps6256d551.jpg

Thousands of people, one long street, vendors and stall holders, retailers, a mobile catwalk, racks of clothes, and 38 Degree weather. The 2013 Beaufort Street festival was a big long day.  
I somehow had to MC the Wearable Art Runway- not something I did that well- picture me, a clipboard with 10 pages to read, a mic with about 20 meters of cord to hold while speaking and turning said pages. The girls from Pierrot's kindly did my hair- but there wasn't enough time for makeup, so I kept my sunglasses on and borrowed a top off the rack to be worn later so that I looked at least a little less like a walk in off the street. Anyone who had to witness my unpracticed 'live reading' probably spent that ten minutes cringing, and possibly trying to decipher what I was actually saying- anything I didn't know how to pronounce I just mumbled (meh). But hey, life is about putting yourself out there, right?
I took a lot of photos from the pop-up fashion shows, this is from catwalk #1 featuring clothes from Department and Steph Audino.
More to come including some backstage images.
xx Jenelle
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