Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Haul

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Sometimes when fishing around in my bag I almost feel like it is an oversize makeup bag which happens to fit my phone, wallet and book (at the moment Naked by David Sedaris- but I did just read Leandra’s Man Repeller, and it was equally entertaining). So, for someone with a pretty minimal makeup routine, what on earth do I feel the need to be carrying? And why, with all of the bits and pieces rooting around the bottom of the bag, have I not managed to drop them all into some sort of zip purse to save them spilling out onto the car floor if I happen to break suddenly (also why do I never zip up my handbag?- my Nana reminds me of this each time I see her). Well, today I snapped a pic of most of the items as a random sample.
(Note to self- must order a zip purse for this stuff)
So gents, (or gent- I imagine my boyfriend is the only man who actually reads my blog- fair enough too, but I think it is only so he can keep up with what I am talking about where it is concerned), if you ever wondered why the heck we all need to carry so much crap around in our handbags, here is a random sample of the products typically found inside, give or take a few things. 

The haul:
Rose Hip Oil: You never know when you will want to use it. If you wear heels a lot, there are always scars, or healing blisters that can benefit from the occasional rose hip oil massage- best applied when you are waiting for something or someone.
Perfume samples: I am not privy to carrying an entire perfume bottle around, but make use of the samples snapped up in sample bags or from department stores. Also each Christmas Chanel release a series of mini perfume's in one box. While I don’t get through one per year, they cost about $90 and I can have one in every bag or purse, they are strong, long lasting, and if you don’t love one particular scent, make perfect little presents.
The Lip Balms: Moo Goo Tingling Honey and Burt’s Bees. Both natural, highly moisturizing and reliable, without nasty chemicals that slick your delicate skin with chemicals designed for repeat application.
Bobby Pins/ Ties: I always need these. I do very little with my hair but, they don’t go astray. Also I don’t have any hairspray, so pins are really handy.
Mascara: Not a natural product, but at times the eye opener I need to make my face feel awake- or prevent my eyes disappearing behind my giant glasses. Yep I am a geek. You know it.
Lipsticks: In bright red, orange and a pretty pink. MAC and Chanel, not a natural product, but I love the punch of colour. Worn when there is no man with me- usually to fashion things.
Hand Moisturiser: Also one on the desk, in the kitchen. I know that the Aesop aren't natural alternatives, but I love the smell. I do for the record mix them up with my natural ones. 

xx Jenelle
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