Thursday, October 24, 2013

October 24th

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I am always coming across images online that I inevitably drag onto my desktop (and later into my inspirations folder when my desktop is full) or repost onto Tumblr or Pinterest, and these end up being the sign posts I use for style inspirations, a guide of what I will and wont allow myself to buy when push comes to shove. These images have been kicking around my Tumblr and desktop, so I thought I would post some up. Actually a couple of these are things I made up on Polyvore- still addicted. 

Finally the last two images are from a shoot I did to celebrate the 20th birthday of Atlas Divine. I am dying to share this series, but they aren't quite ready yet, so for now, here are a couple as a preview. As shot by Donna Ferrari in Leederville. I am heading to the Backstage party to celebrate Atlas' birthday tomorrow night, more info up here. Full post to come soon. 
Other image sources via Tumblr

xx Jenelle
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  1. I was literally just telling my friend how much I wanted the YSL bag that you have in your Polyvore set! Hahah great minds think alike. It is such a little beauty!

  2. you rock! Anyway love the photos here. so inspirative
    check out my blog?

  3. really great inspo, wishing that was my room!