Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Atlas Divine & Dr Denim

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Dr Denim Shorts, Sretsis Shirt, Bag, Coal Hat, Matina Amanita Ring all available at Atlas Divine.

When David of DG Perth emailed me to ask to style a look using Dr Denim jeans and pieces from AtlasDivine to celebrate their upcoming 20th Anniversary, I was pretty excited. Atlas is a tiny hole in the wall store… which manages to squeeze in over 80 local, national and international labels for men and women, all the while doing so with a edge uncommon in WA.
Atlas is always a must stop location whenever I head into Leederville- I actually think at times my boyfriend may have cottoned onto my ulterior motives for having dinner in that part of town, just as an excuse to late night browse. Well, he can too… Some thing I love doing is lazily trawling through record, book and clothing stores, and for some reason, I much prefer to indulge in this pastime as the sun is setting, and there is no hurry to run off and ‘do’ anything else.
So that is Leederville to me, browsing, coffee, movies (at the good cinema- ps I am an absolute movie snob, and prefer my films foreign, namely French, or period dramas- more corsetry please!) fun, and a little bit of dirt. All of these things I wanted to channel into this shoot.

Looking into Dr Denim and what the brand is all about, I cottoned onto a love for the good things- but done well. I am talking good quality, but also good value. A pair of their jeans are going to become a second skin, and only set you back about $100- $140. With a heap of both mens and womens styles to choose from- even down to high waist, low, super skinny, and print or no print, the guys at Atlas have Dr Denim to get you sorted. While I live in black skinny jeans, I decided to style a pair of their shorts- we are coming into Summer (Yeah!), and I love the flexibility of shorts- so over holding my skirt down as the wind blows in (breaking my stride, man).

I grabbed a bunch of things to try styling together, but fell in love with the new Sretsis spirit animal pieces. I kinda like that the lynx (Benicio) channelled my weird blue/ green/ grey eye colour, but really this collection is superb. Once I had that shirt, everything fell into place, and this is a look that I feel like I should already own- which is the real trick to knowing if you should buy something or not- you wear it, not the other way around. De, got me hooked on the jewellery from Sretsis other label- Matina Amanita with this ring, and being a hat person, this Coal Headwear hat is perfect- just right for anytime.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as we did taking them. Thank you Atlas and David. 
Photographs by DonnaFerreri.
xx Jenelle
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