Thursday, September 19, 2013

Restyle Runway 2013

 photo Restyle-Angeline-Runway1_zps34a26d1e.jpg

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 photo Restyle-Angeline-Med-2_zpsfc6ef7af.jpg

 photo Restyle-Emily-Med_zps83d555d7.jpg

 photo Restyle-Nadine-Portrait_zps5a4b070b.jpg

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 photo Restyle-Claire-Med-2_zps3439c976.jpg

 photo Restyle-Runway-Claire-Walkaway_zps67ab436f.jpg

Shopping on a budget from one op-shop chain for a month, is quite a challenge.
These seven Perth bloggers volunteered their blogs, instagram accounts and wardrobes for the month of August for the 2013 Perth Fashion Festival Restyle Challenge. 
You may remember I shot the 2012 Restyle runway- and happily have gotten to know some of these lovely women in that past year.
This year the challenge was specified to certain themes each day, such as metallic, pink, DIY, print-on-print etc. 
The challenge was also opened up to the general public to participate snapping their outfits on instagram. The response was overwhelming, with thousands of photos shared, as Perth op-shops and the community benefitted.

xx Jenelle
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  1. What absolute babes! Gosh, they all look great on the runway... so smiley & happy too, which is so refreshing. Great photos Jenelle.

    Steph x