Friday, September 20, 2013

Hatch Week: #3

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Look #3 in our collaboration with Hatch Boutique, showcasing WA Designers as interpreted for Spring Summer by Perth bloggers. 
 A monochrome corporate look, is chic, elegant and dynamic. I avoid print, as I get sick of them too soon, so finding interesting pieces in neutrals such as the Katherine Dunmill necklige, or the ruffle of this Empire Rose shirt (I LOVE the bell sleeves) is a nice way to take a white shirt look and make it more personal. 
A high waist pant gives a more commanding edge to the corporate look, purely because, in our closets a lot of us wear low waist, hip jeans, which is perfect to relax and get comfortable in off duty. 
Finding a comfortable high waist trouser is harder said than done, but these Empire Rose trousers feel like wearing a legging. 
Comfortable at the waist and leg lengthening? Nice. 
The Generics belt just added the finishing touch to tie it all in.
I know it is all for practical reasons, but slipping on sneakers with a corporate look is something I love to see about as much as flatform shoes. If Parisian women can withstand a pump heel over cobblestones and trains, we can too. Can't do it? Wear a smoking slipper. Please. 
I adore this Daniella Caputi Coat, it is lightweight, adds a different length and avoids making the look too suit-like with a black blazer. I can also picture this coat being worn over a white tee and denim for a relaxed weekend look.

The Perth CBD has always seemed to me to be all about business, which although slowly changing with the introduction of small bar culture, seems to clear out and get a whole lot quieter after business hours. It took me a long time to adjust to Perth retail trading hours (I was so happy when the supermarkets began Sunday trading), but somehow no one has told the local coffee places about this, so, as we shot this on a Sunday, I feel I am somewhat endorsing a coffee brand I would normally NEVER venture into (yeah, I am a coffee snob), but my office hours always involve a coffee, so it was imperative. 

I hope you have been enjoying my collaboration with Hatch Boutique thus far. I have one more look for you to round out the week, so stay tuned.
All images shot be Heidy Saeran
This entire look is available at Hatch (enex100 Hay Street Mall, Perth), and all pieces are from WA Designers. 

xx Jenelle
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  1. I think with the contrast of that undone ponytail & that very done up blouse, this is my favourite look. Not to mention your "i'm very busy on the phone" face :P Cute!

    Steph x