Wednesday, September 11, 2013


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As a part of the Perth Fashion Festival Cultural Program, Constellations, held last week in Leederville celebrated local designers and boutiques with live mannequins and a runway show. 
Models amused onlookers posing in shop windows, some easily being mistaken for mannequins, from boutiques Vagra Girl, Atlas Divine, Harry & Gretle, Urban Depot, Blink 138, Hunter Store and Un1son Apparel. 
On the runway local designers including Nicole Marrington, Ariana Davis, Scott & Sims, On A Whim, Little Dove, Katherine Young, SeeWolf, and more shared a huge variety of design aesthetics, applications and talent. 

With the official PFF program kicking off this evening, it is a busy week ahead. Last year I attended most shows, this time I am breaking it up a little, but there will still be plenty of content. 
I also have a really exciting blogger project to share with you beginning next week...

xx Jenelle
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  1. The Perth fashion scene looks amazing. Definitely a lot more happening than the Brisbane scene hehe x

  2. It is more happening than Adelaide too, Fabilha. There are so many WA designers. I have had visit Brisbane on my list for ages, when I do, you'll have to show me the good spots! x