Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Danielle Haim

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Post Cochella 2012 I came across this image (below) of Danielle Haim on and quickly dragged it image into my inspiration folder, at the time loving this chicks style, but not having heard of Haim the band. A few months later I was hooked on 'Forever' and have subsequently been repeat watching their clips on YouTube and buying every track off of iTunes, playing Haim to death. I love these ladies. 
Last weekend, post brunch I spotted this rusted pink vintage bike Heidy had tucked under a stairwell, and forced her to shoot pictures of me attempting to ride it in my heels. Not sure if the heels or the flat tyres were more against this idea... but we had fun. Heidy pointed out that I looked like Danielle Haim riding around in the video for Forever, hence this post dedication. 
Shots by Heidy- also pictured with Mikey Walton. xx

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xx Jenelle
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