Monday, July 8, 2013


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With my impending move, I have been trying to concentrate on getting the most out of the clothing I take, knowing full well that while I will get a few months out of them in Perth, I will be then heading onto the incoming winter of the UK. With one suitcase, I gotta work out how to stretch it as far as I can. I am taking along a few more recent purchases, which I can imagine are pretty 'now' and I may decide to get rid of those after Perth, who knows. For the most part, I think the colour pallet is pretty limited, and everything feels a lot simpler.
This may be a good thing, for as much black and grey that I wear- I do also wear a lot of bright things! I also am making sure to pack things like exercise gear and around the house stuff- which I usually don't, then find I need to go buy basics. I even bought a pair of slippers! (I used to just borrow my Mums- when I lived with them, or wore socks). I may secretly be hoping Perth is a little warmer than the Adelaide hills. 
I have managed to get rid of so much and pack what is left into a pile of boxes, I will be quite happy to turn my back on them for a while. 

I think I will finally need to get myself some leather pants for the UK winter, and I am totally in love with these Celine glasses (pictured above) available (on sale!) here up on Vision Direct.
I have a heap of Cabaret and outfit posts to come- I am just busy getting through all of this moving and I will be back- in Perth, but back posting. 

Image sources: Bik Bok The Olsens, Oyster Mag, 75003 Tumblr, youmakemisohappy Tumblr, my own Polyvore.

xx Nell
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  1. The vibe of all these photos is just perfect. Exactly what I love right now, too! Having to put your very favourites into a suitcase with maximal wear really shows you what you truly wear, doesn't it!

    Steph xx