Friday, June 28, 2013

Warm Inside, Cold Outside

 photo Flight_zpsbc69981d.jpg

 photo Calm_zps7a8d432b.jpg

 photo Dont-Fall_zps841d65ba.jpg

 photo Blurry-Ben_zps3c4fb958.jpg

 photo Boat-Ramp_zpsbe4242fc.jpg

 photo Gorman-Rainbow-Shoes_zpsf623024b.jpg

 photo Leafy_zps1aef0abc.jpg

 photo Hentley-Farm_zps6da4f789.jpg

 photo Hentley-Fire_zpsb2b989e7.jpg

 photo Hentley-Stove_zpsbf06e06c.jpg

 photo Leather-Seats-Hentley_zpsdded4b9e.jpg

 photo Hentley-Cosy_zpse9077be3.jpg

A few photos from recent weeks- visiting the Barossa, specifically pictured here, Hentley Farm, watching planes get closer and closer, Ben and I photographing the flat ocean in the freezing cold, appreciating custom made leather chairs, and a warm fire.
Currently planning my next move, stay tuned, I could be on that flight your way.  

xx Nell

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