Monday, June 24, 2013

Bassike Spring 2013

 photo bassike-spring12_c750x750-25x0_r634x950-1q100_zps73973671.jpg

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Bassike Spring 2013

Crisp, clean, light and sporty, Bassike take classics, beautiful fabric, and make comfortable, elegant Australian clothing. This Spring season, ice blues and whites dominate the Bassike collection. Taking looks that are very sport inspired and carrying them across to corporate and casual wear is certainly not new, but this collection is no doubt beautiful. I do like the centre crease line on the track style pants. I am not sure how into these comfort sandals I am. Perhaps it is because I have always seen them as a little European backpacker- but they do kinda work, and at least they are not thongs which are the ugliest shoe ever (aside from Crocs obviously). 

xx Nell


  1. Agree that thongs/crocs are worst ever. I've always been quite partial to a Birki in white or black as my terribly chic Sydneysider aunt & cousin always wear them without looking even remotely like European backpackers - don't think I'd have the same luck though.

  2. What a great collection! I really love the clean white looks! So sporty chic!