Thursday, May 16, 2013


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Hello, this is just a short and sweet post to let you know I am inundated with work and will be on a short hiatus. 
This is my busiest time of the year as The Adelaide Cabaret Festival opens very soon, so I am swamped. I am
busily organizing final details, having my pieces built, art finished, final sourcing, and back to back meetings in order to bring together the seven entertainment venues, two pop up bars, pop up restaurant, pop up cafeteria and garden space, function space, Artist bar, corporate functions designs, costumes, props and set elements for various artists shows, Shane Warne The Musical, the Reg show, anniversary Gala, Cabaret Gala and more.
Yep. I have five outfit posts, a travel diary, and a ton of other material ready to be edited to share with you, but I am not sure when I will get a sec to get them up, so please bare with me. Trust me, once Cabaret etc are up, I'll have some REALLY cool stuff to share in the way of behind the scenes! :)

 Follow me on instagram, facebook or twitter for regular behind the scenes updates, and of course pre-post images from the Josh Goot lunch on Friday (I am justifying going as I have not eaten a sit down meal in a week, and well, it's Josh Goot- just make it happen!), my adventures in Melbourne sourcing during Shane Warne rehearsals, and the odd launch coming up. 

xx Nell

Oh and anyone following on Pinterest wondering why I have a Shane Warne board? Haha, it's the easiest way for the director to check in and see my reference images for the Shane Warne characters costumes/ hair/ makeup etc. I am not suddenly into cricket! :)

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