Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Great Gatsby


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As you all know I am a costume and set designer, so naturally I get pretty excited about period films. The team at Bazmark have once again managed to peak the interest of movie lovers around the world with the release of The Great Gatsby. 
I am a huge fan of F. Scott Fitzgerald's 1925 novel and the 1974 film by Jack Clayton with the divine Mia Farrow as Daisy, so I await the Australian release of Baz Lurhmann's new film with anticipation. 
The film opens on the 30th of May, book yourselves in for a night of spectacle, glamour, drama and one of the greatest stories ever written. The irony of the American dream and that damn green light blinking across the water!  
Also I am pretty excited to see Gemma Ward grace our screens in this film! Love that girl!
Keen for some little facts about the Costume of the film?
Of course you are!

Total costume crew: 84
Total metrage of lace purchased from Solstiss (including plain lace, beaded lace and fabrics): 1400 (that’s 1.4km!!)
Total number of styles of individual lace purchased from Solstiss: 210
Total pairs of stockings/pantyhose/garterbelts from Fogal: 1,080
Total number of Prada party dresses: 40 (Uh, I die!)
Total items of men's formalwear and daywear produced for background talent by Brooks Bros.: 2,291
Total number of Brooks Bros. tuxedos: 200
Total number of Brooks Bros. bowties: 260
Total number of Brooks Bros. braces: 200
Total number of Brooks Bros. shirt collar studs: 200
Total number of Brooks Bros. silk knots: 200
Total number of Brooks Bros. daywear shirts: 150
Total number of Brooks Bros. tuxedo shirts: 200
Total number of Brooks Bros. three-piece suits: 55
Total number of Brooks Bros. boaters: 100

Watch The Great Gatsby behind the scenes video here and get excited! 

Images care of Bazmark and The Great Gatsby Facebook pages, and press releases from Roadshow.

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