Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Into The Wild

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Perhaps this is going to become a regular thing... my reposting the amazing editorials shot for Wildfox as their lookbook campaigns. This new campaign, 'Into the Wild' Daydream pre-fall13 is pretty, takes me back to childhood days spent camping and hiking. Actually even some of the clothes have a 90's feel to them which I probably wore. I do remember a particular favourite long cream wool knit jumper, long socks, vintage highwaist trousers and leather satchels. There were always moments spent daydreaming, reading, cooking, climbing, drawing on these camping trips, I have probably romanticised them a lot. It looks like I am not alone though, as these images prove.
There are more up on the Wildfox blog here...

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And for the record... I have read the book. Heidy snapped me with my current read a few months ago for the Closet Muse profile. Below, photo by Heidy

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xx Nell


  1. What a stunning lookbook!There seems to be a lot of soul in these fashion photos which is quite different to the overprocessed shots we are used to seeing in fashion magazines nowadays.


  2. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! thank you for sharing these photos. very inspiring.

    cake & valley