Thursday, May 2, 2013


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Winter appears to have hit us in Adelaide, and this for me means I can finally be able to wear this amazing coat. I picked this up at the Shakuhachi clearance pop up store during the height of summer in Perth. (Ahuh). 
Needless to say, I hadn't yet had much cause to wear it. Until now! 
Paired with boyfriend jeans, an oversized tee, heels and this incredible necklace. Too easy.
I am very happy with this quilted suede clutch, it is so great for the price. I will be using it for a lot of events, the wrist strap is a must when attempting to take photos, hold a wine glass and your iPhone all at once. Always praying I will not drop anything.

Since Adelaide currently has no train service, these old train track beds are a great spot, the pebbles are beautiful. Although I am not sure how far we would have gotten along them without being yelled at.
Fluoro bunting really is the lowest form of security. 

Photos thanks to Benjamin of Kolonel Mustard

xx Nell. 


  1. Jenelle, that coat. IS SO FREAKING AWESOME. And it works so well with the pared-down outfit!
    Wish you didn't leave before we could clear some space between uni/rest-of-life to have a catch up :(

    xx T

  2. This outfit is just too damn perfect! I LOVE IT! Smart purchase too - I couldn't bring myself to think about jackets in the middle of our ridiculous summer!