Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Morning Glory

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Wearing: Oasis dress via ASOS, ASOS Suede Quilted Clutch, Sportsgirl Cage Heels similar here, Merrin & Gussy Carnivale Collar and Jungle Critters Ring

There is something about a vertical garden; a wall of flowers or foliage. It can be overgrown creeping vines, planted sculpturally or just simply peppered with stunning flowers. I spot them and have a little moment of harmony. The best I have seen was in 2011 outside of the National Gallery in London which was huge and sculpted like Van Gogh's 'A Wheat field with Cypresses' painting. I regret that I never took a photo of that, but I did stare at it and soak it all for a while. :) 
Driving around with Ben over the weekend, I spotted this wall and we circled around the block to stop and snap away. I love Morning Glory, it is so pretty. While Ben insists that it is his brother who takes the best shots, I think he does very well himself, and that camera is magic. 

I have a bunch of 'one item two ways' posts to do for you. I seem to spot a trend to only 'wear a thing once and then never speak of it again', particularly among some bloggers, which when you love a piece is super sad. I do it, once a dress has been photographed, I often feel like it is 'done' and as such let it hang sadly in my wardrobe. Some items call for a time and a place- often while in a change room I over hear women are looking for a dress to wear to a wedding, christening, engagement party etc. Some how I only ever seem to buy dresses to wear, just because. (Although I rely on this, so when I do happen to have an occasion, I tend not to think about what to wear till the night before, and often panic, changing several times, and run late. I can get away with it at times, but I hate that flustered or downright stupid self induced panic feeling). 

So here is a stripe t-shirt dress worn with a beaded collar, black heels and clutch. I bought this dress thinking that it will work worn with tights over winter and under a coat, worn to work or casually with flats or sandals, or dressed up. A t-shirt dress is a really good staple. I think they are comfortable, easy, can be shaped with a belt, short or long jacket, can be dressed up or down and look elegant or casual. 
I also love that this dress was such a good price $45! Thanks ASOS. 

Photos by Benjamin Galbraith of Kolonel Mustard 
xx Nell. 


  1. You look lovely Jenelle! We've been doing a 2 way feature for a couple of weeks now & it is really refreshing, not only for us but maybe for our readers! Completely get what you mean by items being "done" once they've been blogger, and we're so so keen to change this way of thinking in ourselves :)

    Great post! Steph xx

  2. Oh you look gorgeous! I am very much a "re-wearer"... the best pieces are the ones that you can reinvent in different ways to make them look quite different :-D

  3. I like when bloggers wear things multiple times, doesn't seem like it happens enough. I try to do this as much as possible! LOVE the outfit, you look absolutely gorgeous.

  4. wow really like this outfit post
    love it



  5. these photos are stunning! love the look and the location. so glad to have found your blog.

    cake & valley

  6. Really beautiful photos!! :)

    Do you want to follow each other, let me know?!


  7. Wow, what beautiful photos. You look absolutely gorgeous. The dress is darling with the little peter pan collar. I look forward to more updates - followed through Twitter! Really love what you have going.

    Ally @ http://thefittedframe.blogspot.com

  8. Love Your style, Glad to have come across your blog
    You have gained a new follower!
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