Thursday, November 29, 2012

Flowers of Pigalle





Day Two of the Black Out Challenge.
I donned a simple oversized white tee, and cotton floral vintage skirt.
I bought this skirt while vintage shopping with friends in Pigalle, as we explored Montmarte and surrounds.
I think my heart beat clearer in Paris.
I find it really hard to fall in love. In Australia.
In Paris, it was far easier.
At the time, this skirt felt like magic, as did my surrounds, company and experiences.
Paired with white Sienna heels care of ASOS, this outfit is fun, girly, and breezy.
I didn't have time to have a picnic on day two, which is what this skirt feels designed for. I did wear it in Versailles, where we ate up a French feast. So amazing.
I Love visiting Hyde Park, the fig trees and gardens are lovely.
I am hoping the weather holds out for the rest of the week! I got blown away this morning in my dress as a storm came in.
Thanks again to Heidy of for taking pictures for me.

Colour meanings:
Day Two


Is a colour of kindness, purity, loyalty, wholeness, completion, light, openness and truth, new beginnings and clarity.
To wear white implies a wholesomeness and purity, it is a refreshing way to de-clutter. 


A colour of good judgement, spiritual fulfilment, it is the perfect combination of blue and red, purple is one of the most appealing colours, favoured by artists and children. To wear purple tones is to inspire your imagination, fantasy, spirit, desire for magic. It connects you to universal sources of energy. It is sensitive and compassionate, idealistic but can lead to frustration, as the colour purple is not grounded in reality.
Traditionally purple dyes were the most expensive and therefore saved for royalty. 

Arabella Ramsay Tee
Vintage Skirt (from By Flowers, Pigalle)

Here is a sneak look of day three..


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