Monday, October 1, 2012

The Carton Student Runway Perth Fashion Festival

Nicole Marrington
Nicole is a Costume graduate of WAAPA, who won the Costume Couture category of the 2011 PFF Student Runway. 
Her collection for 2012 was inspired by the nomadic people of Mongolia. 
The collection was at once dramatic, bold and striking, as well as skilfully crafted and executed. 
Nicole is one of those quiet achievers. 
She may not speak too much, but sure says a lot. 
I was fortunate enough to work with Nicole during our WAAPA days, and I am so happy to see her inspiring others with her unique voice. 

Jessica Hogg
Jessica is a graduate of Polytechnic West who in 2011 won the PFF Women's Ready To Wear category. 
Her collection 'Reminisce' was inspired by her late grandmother and takes influences from art deco. These gowns were utterly relaxed, wearable and entirely elegant. 
I look forward to observing Jessica's path ahead. 

Samuel Donaldson
Samuel graduated from Polytechnic West and was the winner of the 2011 Perth Fashion Festival Ready To Wear Men's section. iamsamdesign is inspired be the desert landscape and its relation to the elements.  

The Student Runway presentation was so jam packed and so impressive that I decided to bring you highlights of The Carton separately. Nicole Marrington blew me away with her collection, coupled with the Chinese drumming/ chants it really carried the presentation in a different direction. 
I may be a little biased as a WAAPA grad, so my Student Runway post is possibly heavy on the WAAPA entries. 
More to follow. 
Nell. xx

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