Monday, October 1, 2012

Student Runway Perth Fashion Festival

Student Runway is the event of Perth Fashion Festival. 
When I lived in Perth previously I had always wanted to go but WAAPA kept me far too busy. 
Each year we would watch the designs being made to enter the various categories and hope that the WAAPA entries were selected to exhibit. 
This year so many amazing entries were chosen, and the representatives of the other colleges were equally impressive. 
Across the categories of Ready To Wear Women's, Men's, Contemporary Eveningwear, Eco Design and Costume Couture, the talented designers exhibited variety and imagination.
There were so many entries I have just included my favourites... Enjoy!

Amy Webb (WAAPA) winner of RTW Women's

I LOOOOOVE this! I really want one!!! 
Amazing, sooooo cute! 

Dream dress

From the incredible Elly Sumner

Avatar inspired work from Elly Sumner 

A huge congratulations to all student entries, your work was so impressive. 
xx -Nell


  1. These are really great for student work! Are you coming to the Adelaide Fashion Fest this year?

  2. I know, they are so impressive. I hope to, was just waiting to find out about Media clearance, will have to sort out flights ASAP! It looks like it will be a great festival, which shows are you excited for?
    x Nell